IBNA- The 6th International Congress of Islamic Humanities which is scheduled to be ‎held in Tehran on October-November 2021 called for papers.‎
Call for the 6th Int
The event aims to create discourse, produce science and theory, provide a ground for exchanging ideas and permanent communication. The 6th International Congress of Islamic Humanities is centered on the following subjects:
Interdisciplinary subjects:
Philosophy and methodology of Islamic humanities
Iranian-Islamic model of progress
The Holy Quran and humanities
General policy-making and Islamic governance
Disciplinary subjects:
Islamic Economics
Islamic Education
Islamic Communications and Sociology
Islamic Psychology
Islamic Political Science
Islamic Jurisprudence and Law
Islamic Management
Islamic Urban Development and Architecture
Islamic Art
-The secretariat will try to publish approved papers in scientific and research magazines before they are released in the form of books.
-The merit of papers will be assessed within three months during the invitation period and those approved will be issued certificates.
-The subjects covered by each commission will be posted in detail on the website of the congress soon.
-Papers may only be sent via the website of the congress. Emailed papers will not be considered.
Deadline for sending paper abstracts: 06.21.2021
Deadline for sending papers: 08.22.2021
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