IBNA- Iranian modernist poet, writer and researcher Mahmoud Kianoush died of old ‎age in London on Tuesday. He was 86. ‎
Mahmoud Kianoush ‎
Mahmoud Kianoush ‎
A survivor of the brilliant period of Iranian literature in 1960s, Kianoush immigrated to the U.K. in 1975 and lived in London until his death. His wife Pari Mansouri who was also a translator and author already died in April 2020.
The first of his half-dozen volumes of poetry appeared in 1961, and since then, Kianoush also wrote several short stories and novels. In most of his writing, the poet is preoccupied with metaphysical and philosophical thoughts.
His ability to instill symbolic significance in the everyday objects of ordinary experience made him an effective writer and poet. Kianoush was particularly known for his poems composed for children and young adults.

Among his works are ‘Children's Poetry in Iran’ - in literary criticism and fiction:  ‘Adam or Fox’ (1969), ‘New Village’ (1969), ‘From above the fortieth step’ (1977)
Kianoush’s books of poetry include: ‘Language of Things’ (1971), ‘Indian Green Parrot’ (1977), ‘Garden of Stars’ (1977), ‘Children of the World’ (1977), ‘Seven Colors Arch’ (1979), " Sunshine of Our House’ (1979), ‘Shabestan’, ‘Simple and Sad’, ‘Blossom of Wonder’, ‘Shabaviz’,
Among his translations from English to Persian is the novella ‘Uncle Tom's Children’ (1938) by African-American author Richard Wright.  
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