IBNA- A webinar in Tehran will review the book 'Plato on Literature' by Iranian expert ‎Gholam-Reza Esfahani in one of Tehran’s Book City Institute’s weekly program on Tuesday, ‎
'Plato on Literature' is the result of almost a decade of the author’s research on Platonic dialogues centered on what is literature from the view of Plato. This work has been printed by Fatemi Publishing.
As well as Esfahani, a number of other experts, Meysam Mohammad-Amini, Shervin Moghimi and Hamed Roshani-Rad will also attend the webinar to review and discuss the book.    
'Plato on Literature' rereads four works of the Athenian philosopher:
The critique of poetry in his ‘The Republic’ grows out of a consideration of the proper education (from their childhood on) of the philosopher-guardians in the “city in speech.”
The context for the critique is therefore that of the specific project of the Republic, and this raises a question as to whether the critique is meant to hold whether or not the “city in speech” is possible or desirable.
‘Gorgias’ features the quarrel between philosophy and rhetoric shows itself as an ugly fight. The themes of poetry and rhetoric, then, are intertwined in the ‘Phaedrus’. It looks initially as though both rhetoric and poetry have gained significant stature in this work.
Those interested may attend the webinar on the Instagram channel of Tehran’s Book City Institute at @ketabofarhang and the telegram channel of this center at bookcitycc.
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