IBNA- 'The Rooster Is Dead' (Der Hahn ist tot), a German novel by celebrated author ‎Ingrid Noll about an unrequited love has been translated into Persian and released.‎
German novel
The novel follows the story of a single 52 years who falls in love with a lecturer, but her love is not reciprocated. So, she will literally walk over bodies to get the man of her dreams.
'The Rooster Is Dead' has been translated into Persian by Ozra Ja’farabadi. Pejvak Kaivan Publishing House in Tehran has printed the book in 188 pages and 1000 copies.  
Ingrid Noll published her first novel, which became a great success, at the age of 55. She has written several novels, including ‘Head Count’, ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ and ‘The Pharmacist’, as well as one television drama, ‘Bommel's Cheap Flights’ (Bommels Billigflüge0.
Several of her novels have been subsequently adapted as films, including ‘Die Apothekerin’, which was released in the United States as ‘The Pharmacist’ and was nominated for the German Film Award in Gold for outstanding feature film. Today she is one of the most popular German female authors.
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