IBNA- On the occasion of Orus-e Mowlana Jalal al-Din Rumi (death of Mowlana) an ‎online session is has begun from yesterday and will run by December 17 with Iranian ‎and foreign scholars in attendance. ‎
Online session of Orus-e Mowlana (Rumi) underway ‎
Based on Sufi order, Orus-e Mowlana Jalal al-Din Rumi is the night Rumi united with the Beloved. To commemorate the event, Soroush Rumi Institute has organized a series of meetings which will continue until Thursday December 17 every night at 9 p.m.
These sessions is being streamed live on the Instagram of Soroush Mowlana Institute. Iranian Afghan and Turkish Rumi scholars will participate in the program and deliver speeches on the following subjects:
Amir-Hossein Mahuzi, University Professor: "Rumi and the Special Experience of Pinnacle";
Reza Mohammadi, poet and writer: "Neither Balkhi nor Rumi";
Sogol Mashayekhi, Lecturer in Rumi Studies: "Fana (Immersion in God) in the Mirror of Rumi's Life";
Maryam Hosseini; University professor: "The myth of Remembrance and Forgetfulness in an Anecdote from Masnavi";
Ali Tamizal, Faculty member of Seljuk University, Turkey: "A Look at Rumi Studies in Turkey;
Mahdieh Kasaei‌zadeh; researcher and author: "Rumi's Delicate Understanding of a Quranic Narrative";
Hamidreza Tavakoli, Rumi Researcher and University Professor: "A Look at the Book 'From the Signs of the Sea': Poetics of Narration in Masnavi'";
Those interested in attending the sessions may refer to the Instagram of Soroush Mowlana Institute: @sorooshemowlana.
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