IBNA- Paul Ricoeur's lectures at the University of Chicago in autumn 1975 were edited ‎by George H. Taylor and released as the book ‘Lectures on Ideology and Utopia’ which ‎are now available. ‎
‎‘Lectures on Ideology and Utopia’ by Paul Ricoeur comes out ‎
Essays of the book cover Marx, Karl Mannheim, Max Weber, Clifford Geertz, Louis Althusser, Jurgen Habermas, Henri de Saint-Simon, and Charles Fourier. ‘Lectures on Ideology and Utopia’ has been translated into Persian by Mahdi Faizi and released by Markaz Publishing in 513 pages and 1200 copies.
Contents of the book include: pt. 1. Ideology: Marx: the critique of Hegel and the Manuscripts; Marx: the "first manuscript"; Marx: the "third manuscript"; Marx: The German ideology (1); Marx: The German ideology (2); Althusser (1); Althusser (2); Althusser (3); Mannheim; Weber (1); Weber (2); Habermas (1); Habermas (2); Geertz; pt. 2. Utopia: Mannheim; Saint-Simon; Fourier.
Though Ricoeur's book brings to mind Karl Mannheim's classic Ideology and Utopia, his purpose is not to advance a thesis about the nature of ideological or utopian thinking but to interpret texts. In section 1, he offers a painstaking discussion of Marx's concept of ideology, especially as found in his earlier work, and illuminating commentary on the difficult works of Althusser.
In section 2, he briefly considers the utopian thought of Saint-Simon and Fourier. Ricoeur displays his customary skill both in telling us what an author means and in comparing and contrasting texts. He rarely seems interested, though, in asking whether an argument is valid.
Ricoeur's Lectures on Ideology and Utopia was published in 1986 based on recordings of lectures given in English in 1975 together with Ricoeur's brief notes for those lectures. While Ricoeur assisted with the text, he was no longer working on the subject in any significant way in 1986.
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