IBNA- 'Human Touch' a novella by American author, journalist, and musician Mitch Albom which takes place during the coronavirus pandemic has been translated into Persian and published in the central Iranian city of Qom.
Mitch Albom
This work of Albom who became known in Iran with his memoir 'Tuesdays with Morrie' has been translated into Persian by Fatemeh Badihi Bidgoli. Ketabestan-e Ma'refat Publishing has released the novella in 212 pages.  
A new serialized story of hope during the coronavirus pandemic, set in the moment we are all living through together, 'Human Touch' was written by Mitch Albom in the present, one week at a time and was uploaded on his website in sequels to be read for free.
“I am offering this new work to readers everywhere. It is my hope that the story will provide a welcome diversion in our suddenly shut-in world. Writing is my art form. It is the least I can give. If you enjoy the story, I encourage those who can to donate to Detroit Beats Covid-19!, a relief effort in my hometown of Detroit, which is being so hard hit by this pandemic,” Albom writes.  
Set in a small town in Michigan, the novella follows the lives of four families who share a single street corner. As the strange new virus takes root in America, the once neighborly corner begins to fray, and a tradition of Saturday gatherings unravels.
Some pull closer together. Some drift into mistrust and distance. A doctor must make severe choices. A pastor struggles with faith versus law. A Chinese-American couple is suddenly ostracized. And a unique little boy with an inexplicable power becomes the key to hope and a way out of the crisis, until he suddenly disappears.
Having achieved national recognition for sports writing in his early career, Albom, whose books have sold over 39 million copies worldwide is perhaps best known for the inspirational stories and themes that weave through his books, plays, and films.
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