IBNA- A work by British-Canadian philosopher of science Michael Ruse, ‘The Darwinian ‎Revolution’ (Elements in the Philosophy of Biology) which describes the relation of ‎Darvinism to philosophy has been published in Persian.‎
‎‘The Darwinian Revolution’ describes Darvinism’s tie with philosophy
The book which tries to add new points about Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution in addition to what had already written including those by Michael Ruse himself has been translated into Persian by Ma’soumeh Shagerdi. Elm Publishing has released this work in 168 pages and 440 copies.
What is the Darwinian revolution and why is it important for philosophers? These are the questions tackled in this Element. In four sections, the topics covered are the story of the revolution, the question of whether it really was a revolution, the nature of the revolution, and the implications for philosophy, both epistemology and ethics.
It’s a comprehensive and readable synthesis of the history of evolutionary thought. Though, the years since have seen an enormous flowering of research on Darwin and ‘The Darwinian Revolution’.
"I have been led to write this book as a synthesis of the Darwinian Revolution, using the most recent findings and interpretations, for readers like myself who have a serious interest in the history of science and want to dig beneath glib generalizations and stark dramatizations, but who do not have the specialized knowledge and aims of the professional scholar," Ruse writes in the book.

Michael Ruse specializes in the philosophy of biology and works on the relationship between science and religion, the creation–evolution controversy, and the demarcation problem within science. He is currently director of the Program in the History and Philosophy of Science at Florida State University.
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