IBNA- ‘Theatre: Its Healing Role in Education’ (2009) by American theatrician and ‎author Richard Morse has been translated into Persian and published. ‎
American author’s ‘Theatre: Its Healing Role in Education’ released
The book has been translated by Hossein Fadaei-Hossein who says: “In this genre of play, the spectator must consider himself engaged and active in the events of the play. So, the participation and activity of the spectator will be best accomplished in this genre of play.” Sooreh Mehr Publishing has released the work in 313 pages and 1250 copies
Illustrating how anyone can utilize theatre methods for the purposes of teaching and healing, Theatre: Its Healing Role in Education documents through actual stories how theatre is helping our young people overcome the harsh conditions they face in today's society and to discover useful lives.
Richard Morse's career has spanned almost six decades, including work as an actor, mime artist, director and teacher in New York theatre and abroad. The Richard Morse Mime Theatre made its debut at the Cleveland Play House in the 1970s. Morse Mime has now been acclaimed in 26 countries, including on three U.S. State Department tours.
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