IBNA- The book, ‘Sun Tzu & Machiavelli Success And Leadership Principles: Based On ‎The Classics The Art Of War And The Prince’ (2016) by Michael Sloan has been ‎published in Persian. ‎
‎‘Sun Tzu & Machiavelli Success And Leadership Principles’ comes out ‎
This work applies ancient principles of victory in war taught by Chinese general, military strategist, writer and philosopher Sun Tzu of ancient China, as well as political success according to Italian Renaissance diplomat, philosopher and writer Niccolò Machiavelli in modern times. It has been translated into Persian by Mahdieh Cheraghieh and released by Parseh Book Publishing.  
Does modern advice always seem repetitive? Do you find yourself rolling your eyes and sighing when you hear the word lifehacks? Are you looking for a better way to achieve success, conquer challenges and overcome adversity?
Well with this brand new book, ‘Sun Tzu & Machiavelli Success And Leadership Principles’, you can learn all of the ancient principles of how to achieve victory as taught by the brilliant military tactician and leader Sun Tzu. Not only do we look into the deep principles that Sun Tzu espoused about how to win at war and life, but we’re also taking a look at the modern application of the brilliant Niccolo Machiavelli!
Some people might think that Machiavelli’s work was too callous or evil, but his words of pragmatism, ruthlessness and tactics can be seen through the actions of many a politician and leader in this world. By looking to the wisdom found in ‘The Prince’, not only can you learn how to recognize callous and cunning maneuvers by those who seek to undermine you, you will learn how to turn the tables on your foes!
Whether you’re a leader in the workplace, at home, or in a volunteer organization, you’re going to face many challenges. In Sun Tzu & Machiavelli Success And Leadership Principles, not only will you learn the ancient wisdom of brilliant men, you will learn how to apply all of their advice and tactics to our modern-day living.
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