IBNA- Persian translation of the postmodern novel ‘The life of insects’ (1993) by noted ‎Russian author Viktor Pelevin which manifests his characters desperate search for truth ‎has been published in Persian.‎
‎‘The life of insects’ manifests Viktor Pelevin’s search for truth ‎
The novel has been translated into Persian by Zainab Younesi who says that Pelevin is among those esoteric thinkers who believe the path of human happiness should be traced first of all inside him/her. The writer’s approach is strongly influenced by his profound knowledge of the myths and archetypes of the Far East. Niloufar Publishing has released ‘The life of insects’ in 237 pages.       
Set in a crumbling resort hotel on the Black Sea, the novel follows the misadventures of the Russian duo Arnold and Arthur and the khaki-clad Sam, a visiting American. The twist is that these characters are depicted alternately as human beings and as insects: now they are humans with buggy qualities; now they are insects that walk and talk.
As they forage, quarrel, joke, and suck blood in the squalid rooms of the old hotel - and on the bodies of their hosts - they invariably get into trouble. In one chapter, a couple of hemp bugs suddenly find themselves being smoked in somebody else's pipe; in another, two moths flitting around a streetlight discuss the meaning of life in Beckett-like dialogue.
The author of novels ‘Omon Ra’, ‘Chapayev and Void’, and ‘Generation P’, Pelevin is a laureate of multiple literary awards including the Russian Little Booker Prize (1993) and the Russian National Bestseller (2004). His books are multi-layered postmodernist texts fusing elements of pop culture and esoteric philosophies while carrying conventions of the science fiction genre. Some critics relate his prose to the New Sincerity literary movement.
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