IBNA- Philosophical book, 'Marx and Freedom, Issue 2 of Great philosophers’ by English ‎literary theorist, critic, and public intellectual Terry Eagleton has been translated into ‎Persian and published.‎
Terry Eagleton
A concise work of thought, 'Marx and Freedom’ has been translated into Persian by Amin Medi. Farhang Nashr-e No Publishing in collaboration with Asim Publishing has released the book in 78 pages.  
Here, Terry Eagleton explains that freedom, for Marx, entailed release from commercial labor, "a kind of creative superabundance over what is materially essential". He outlines the relationship between production, labor and ownership which lie at the core of Marx's thinking.
Marx's utopia was a place in which labor is increasingly automated, emancipating the wealth of sensuous individual development so that "savoring a peach [is an aspect] of our self-actualization as much as building dams".
Eagleton has published over forty books, but remains best known for ‘Literary Theory: An Introduction’ (1983), which has sold over 750,000 copies. The work elucidated the emerging literary theory of the period, as well as arguing that all literary theory is necessarily political.
He has also been a prominent critic of postmodernism, publishing works such as ‘The Illusions of Postmodernism’ (1996) and ‘After Theory’ (2003). He argues that, influenced by postmodernism, cultural theory has wrongly devalued objectivity and ethics. His thinking is influenced by Marxism and by Christian faith.
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