IBNA- A book by French social thinker Jean-Pierre Durand, 'The Sociology of Marx' ‎‎(2018) has been rendered into Persian and published.‎
Featuring five chapters, the book has been rendered into Persian by Houman Hosseinzadeh and released by Negah Publishing in Tehran in 170 pages. The chapters are: Theory of Exploitation, Towards the Sociology of Labor, Social Classes, State and Class Struggle, Ideology and Social Production of Cognition, Marx in Contemporary Times.
The back cover of 'The Sociology of Marx' reads: "Marx was born two centuries ago: his writings weighed on social movements until a third of humanity lived under politico-economic regimes claiming to be his followers, for the better, and often for the worse.  Marx was both a militant and a scholar. Is it possible to dissociate the writings of one from the other? What remains of Marx's thought that can be of use today to a radical critique of globalized and financialized capitalism?
Marx is known for his theory of exploitation, but the sociology of labor has found many disources of inspiration in all of his work. Is social evolution determined by technical progress? How to articulate this influence of techniques and social relations?
Without obscuring the question of the possibility of scientific knowledge of society, emancipated from all ideology, this book shows the modernity of Marxist analysis of social classes and the state. No contemporary author can escape confrontation with this thought. "
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