IBNA- The novel, 'We Are All Here' (2013) by veteran German author and screenwriter ‎Bernd Schroeder has been translated into Persian by Mahshid Mir-Mo'ezzi and ‎published. ‎
German novel
Themed on human relation and affection, the book is the first work of Bernd Schroeder (1944) which is published in Persian. It has been rendered by a prolific translator of German literature into Persian Mahshid Mir-Mo'ezzi who has over 40 works in her career. Fanous Publishing in Tehran has released the book in 176 pages and 500 copies.
Synopsis of the novel reads: “Benny is sixteen. After an accident, he lies unconscious in the hospital. People who otherwise have little to do with each other gather around his bed: Ines and Michael, his parents, actually never wanted to meet again. Else and Ferdinand are the grandparents with whom Benny has lived for a long time. His friend Willi found him after he went to the ski hut alone.
They all stand there with their memories and conflicts, new jealousies and old arguments. And one wonders who is waiting for Benny when he finally wakes up again. Moving, with wit and irony, Bernd Schroeder writes about the people who no one chooses, but who determines everyone's life.”
Schroeder who also writes television plays and audio plays was awarded the Grimme-Preis for Der eiserne Weg together with Hans-Werner Schmidt. In 1992, he received the German Film Award. He wrote novels from 1993. Schroeder is a member of the PEN Centre Germany.
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