IBNA- Afghanistan Independent Literature House and Social Cultural Organization of Isfahan Municipality will hold the 2nd Maavara International Literary Festival.
Call for the 2nd Maavara Int
The event aims to safeguard the Persian language as well as to create more empathy and common language. The first edition of the festival was held last year by the Afghanistan Independent House of Literature.
This festival is targeted at all Persian speakers and Persian students around the world, which has been designed in two parts:
Main Section: For Afghan Persian speakers in the competition sections of poetry (classical and open), fiction, book (poetry collection and story collection) and literary criticism will be held.
The Special Section of the festival is for all Persian speakers and Persian students all across the world, which is held in the categories of poetry (classical and free), story and book (poetry collection and collection of stories) and literary criticism.

Deadline for submitting works to the secretariat of 2nd Maavara International Literary Festival is December 20.    
Story Code : 298510
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