IBNA-A Thriller novel, 'The Snake Tree' (1980) by noted German author Uwe Timm which is described as a minefield of metaphors has been retranslated into Persian and is available in Iranian bookstores.
New Persian translation of Uwe Timm
A key theme of the novel is the imposition of one set of cultural standards on another in the name of development. The new Persian translation has been carried out b Hossein Tehrani. Cheshmeh Publishing in Tehran has released the work in 294 pages. Earlier, 'The Snake Tree' was translated into Persian by Omid Ejtema'ei Jandaqi which was released by Ofogh Publishing in 2010.
Synopsis of the novel reads: "Wagner, an all-efficient German engineer, takes in hand the job of rescuing a floundering construction project in the South American rain forest. But before he even reaches the site, his car runs over an emerald-green Acaray snake--marking him, according to local beliefs, for death.
Things go from bad to worse. Wagner's slowly degenerating colleagues are useless; his attempts to help the workers bring on a strike that the military regime suppresses; and he botches up the Company's delicate system of bribery.
The building is sinking into the red mud faster than it is being built. Losing ground, Wagner tensely observes himself losing balance and events take an ugly turn.
Born in 1940, Hamburg, Germany, Uwe Timm studied philosophy and philology in Paris and Munich. He has published over 20 novels and is the 1989 winner of the Munich Literary Prize.
His other trophies are: 1995 Bavarian Film Award, Best Young People's Film; 1990 Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis for Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel; 2009 Heinrich-Böll-Preis; 2012 Carl Zuckmayer Medal. He has been called an "extraordinary story teller" (The New Yorker) and "one of the best living German Writers".
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