IBNA- Persian translations of 3 Chinese children books, ‘Journey of the Wind’, ‘Cat ‎Living in the Tree’ and ‘Across the River’ released by Danesh-Negar Publishing in ‎Tehran, joined the Flying Turtles Catalog. ‎
Persian translations of Chinese children books at Flying Turtles Catalog  ‎
The catalog which was unveiled at an online program in Tehran on Wednesday introduces 150 books published in 2019 and selected by an Iranian jury as the best for children and young adults.
The Chinese books are: ‘Cat Living in the Tree’ by Jiǔ er, illustrated by Xiǎo shí; ‘Journey of the Wind’ by Cao Wenxuan, illustrated by Aleksandar Zolotić; and ‘Across the River’ by Xue Tao illustrated by Anastasia Arkhipova. The first two books have been translated by Ebrahim Amel Mehrabi and the third one by Mehdi Hejvani.
Nardooneh, the children department of Danesh-Negar Publishing in Tehran has printed and released the books. The publisher had already obtained the copyrights of the works which are targeted at first and second grade school children.
Synopsis of ‘Cat Living in the Tree’ which aims to make the children familiar with Chinese tradition of illustration reads: “One cat, two cats... how many cats (how many in the end?). They take a big tree as their home. Maybe for stray cats, big trees can give them shelter. They live happily on this big tree, until they leave the tree one after another. But there is another one who is still holding on, guarding the big tree...
In ‘Journey of the Wind’ a book for making children familiar with elements of nature, strengthen their visual perception to take a different look at their surroundings, the naughty wind is blowing and feels itself full of strength. It could blow over the bicycle and turn over girls’ umbrellas—it found it of great fun to see people suffer from its tricks. Great trouble was caused at last and the naughty wind had to bear the consequences it brought.
Centered on knowing and approaching nature, "Across the River" has been introduced as: “An excellent work, containing a humanistic theme, allows children to experience the story between people love and warmth: an old bear sleeps half of the winter. When he wakes up, he finds himself curled around a wounded bear cub. In the cold winter, a period full of love and caring warmth takes place between the cub and the old bear.
The children's books of each section of the catalogue are considered according to the following categories: Literature; Scientific and Educational; Religion and Humanities; Arts and Entertainment and Books for Children under Five.
The jury members have also organized the Flying Turtles Award, an annual celebration aimed to select the best Iranian books for children and young ‎adults held in cooperation of Tehran’s Book City Institute and the Children’s Literature Studies Periodical.
The celebration typically features a puppet show with the characters of fiction ‎books selected for the Flying Turtles Award. As well as attending the award ceremony, the children and young adults would be able to meet the authors of ‎their favorite works who will sign the books for them at the ceremony. ‎
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