IBNA- Persian translation of Hannah Arendt’s 'Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the ‎Banality of Evil’ will be reviewed at an online meeting in Tehran's Book City on Tuesday.‎
This book by prominent German-‎American political thinker Hannah Arendt features her account of the trial held for Nazi criminal Adolf Eishmen. The Persian version which will be discussed at the online meeting has been translated into Persian by Zahra Shams and has been released by Borj (Tower) Publishing in 376 pages.
Iranian experts Na’eimeh Pour-Mohammadi (PhD) and Mahmoud Moghaddasi (PhD) as well as the  translator Zahra Shams will review the work at the meeting slated for Tuesday, November 1011 p.m. on Instagram/bookcitycc.
Originally appearing as a series of articles in ‘The New Yorker’, the authoritative and stunning report on the trial of Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann sparked a flurry of debate upon its publication. The book includes material that came to light after the trial, as well as Arendt’s postscript directly addressing the controversy that arose over her account.
A major journalistic triumph by an intellectual of singular influence, ‘Eichmann in Jerusalem’ is as shocking as it is informative—an unflinching look at one of the most unsettling and unsettled issues of the twentieth century that remains hotly debated to this day.
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