IBNA- Persian translation of the voluminous book 'The Braille Encyclopedia of Religion' ‎will be unveiled at a ceremony in the religious city of Qom on Thursday. ‎
The book which is the result of 10 years of permanent scholarly efforts of 100 prominent researchers and translators in the field of religions and faiths is sceduled to be unveiled at the conference hall of Imam Musa Sadr University of Religions and Faiths in Qom with Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Abol-Hassan Nawab, the head of the university and several Iranian scholars and researchers in attendance.
'The Braille Encyclopaedia of Religion' in Persian has been published in two volumes and 1700 pages with Mahdi Lakzaei and Ali-Reza Ebrahim as chief editors. The work is considered by experts as the best encyclopedia in the field of religion, published in English by the Dutch Braille Publishing House as one of the top publishers of books on humanities in the world.
The release of 'The Braille Encyclopedia of Religion'  along with the publication of other works such as the translation of 'The Teachings of the Catholic Church', which was unveiled in the presence of the Pope in the Vatican, can be considered as one of the international activities of the University of Religions and Faiths.
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