IBNA- ‘Collage: A Process in Architectural Design’, a book by Iranian scholar Ali-Asghar ‎Adibi has been published by Science+Business Media in cooperation with Tehran ‎University press. ‎
Springer publishes Iranian scholar’s book on collage and architecture
‘Collage: A Process in Architectural Design’ is the result of over three decades of study, research and training of Ali-Asghar Adibi (PhD) in the fields of art, creativity and self-confidence in the process of architectural design. The Persian version of the book has also been printed by Tehran University Press.
The book is about using “collage” among Iranian students in architecture studio, and in order to introduce the way these students use the technique to the English reader, we (Ali Yaser Jafari and Reihaneh Khorramrouei) have chosen this valuable book by Ali-Asghar Adibi to translate from Farsi to English.
It provides a representative example of design through collage and culture. This book originally collected and published in three chapters: Collage history in different arts; Objectives and steps to make collage images; Two experienced examples.
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