IBNA- The 2nd International Conference of Peace Studies will be held online on ‎October 29 in Tehran.‎
The event has been organized by Iranian International Center for developing Peace, Culture and Rationality. The International Conference will be presented in Persian, Arabic and English featuring articles by experts of peace studies from 26 countries. It has been scheduled for Thursday, October 29 at Society of Iranian Philosophers and via meeting.icpcr.com/peace.  
Iranian International Center for developing Peace, Culture and Rationality (ICPCR) has been established by several Iranian scholars under the permission of Iranian Ministry of Culture and Guidance in order to gather scholars, professors, and students together for developing three main elements; peace, culture and rationality.
The activities of this center cover two items; research activities and educational courses. Research activities include book publication, academic journals, scientific meetings, webinars, conferences, and research competitions. Educational courses include short term and long term courses regarding to humanities and religious studies.
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