IBNA- In a tweet, Iran’s Culture Minister Seyyed Abbas Salehi condemned both Muslim ‎Takfiri extremists’ killing of a French teacher as well as those who insulted Prophet ‎Muhammad (PBUH).‎
Seyyed Abbas Salehi ‎
Seyyed Abbas Salehi ‎
He labeled both parties as “A pair of scissors who sow the seed of hatred to prevent prophetic grace. The message of love will overcome the hatred.”      
‎Earlier in September, Salehi slammed the desacralizing cartoons French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo republished of the Prophet of ‎Islam and warned of possible consequences.‎ ‎
“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not a religious individual or leader, he is the honor of identity of 1.5 billion people,” the minister wrote on Tweeter.
“Insulting the Prophet is not an act in the framework of freedom of speech, it is a whiplash on the body and soul of the Muslims,” Culture Minister added.
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