IBNA- A pioneer of sociology in Iran Gholam-Abbas Tavassoli, an author, emeritus at ‎University of Tehran and chancellor of Isfahan University died on Friday, October 16. He ‎was 85.‎
Gholam-Abbas Tavassoli
Gholam-Abbas Tavassoli
Born on 23 May 1935 in Roshtkhar, west of Iran, Tavassoli studied at Sorbonne, where he was influenced by Ali Shariati, an Iranian revolutionary and Russian-born French sociologist and jurist Georges Gurvitch.  He was graduated in 1966 with a PhD degree in sociology.  
Upon coming back to Iran, Tavassoli was requested by the National University of Iran to found the course of sociology at the Faculty of Literature of that university and began to teach there himself.
Tavassoli has authored twenty books, some of which, such as sociological theories, sociology of work and sociology of religion have been reprinted several times. He has also published over sixty articles in prestigious Iranian and international journals.
A senior member of the Freedom Movement of Iran, he stressed that "Islam has nothing against scientific progress and new technologies, freedom and equality, freedom of expression and respect for women's rights. This fact is best proven by the Iranian community."
Tavassoli has pointed to the decisive role of intellectuals in the nation's progress and underlined the fact that modern-day governments are hardly concerned with reforms.

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