IBNA- Seoul International Book Fair (SIBF) 2020 which has been held online for the first time from Friday, October 16 is hosting Iran’s Book and Literature ‎House which represents our country's publishing industry.
Online SIBF 2020 hosts Iran’s Book and Literature ‎House
The event which will run by October 25 consists of both online and offline programs that enable participants to stroll back and forth between the two interconnected worlds with books as intermediaries. This year's fair is themed on “XYZ: Entanglement" and Russia is the guest of honor.
SIBF 2020 has been organized and hosted by Korean Publishers Association and is sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea and Korean Publishing Foundation.
Among the measures taken by Iran’s Book and Literature House Institute at this year Seoul International Book Fair are introducing Iranian publishing industry, introducing the best Iranian authors of children and young adults books in English, introducing works in the field of children and young adults books in English, Providing information about Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) and “Books from Iran” website which contains 1900 book titles with English abstracts.
Also, the institute has uploaded video clips describing Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) and the Grant Plan of Iran's Culture Ministry aimed to promote the translation and publication of Iranian books into other languages.
SIBF 2020 aims to:
Curate books in cooperation with participating publishers, letting readers read them online and interact with the authors through various modes.
Offer readers access to some 40 online seminars (lectures, discussions, etc.) related to the theme of the fair, “XYZ: Entanglement,” that will bring them face to face with diverse contemporary topics including the Anthropocene, climate change, millennials, feminism, and crimes.
Broaden the experience of a book by fusing it with various other genres of interest—music, cooking, animals, and more.
Organize offline exhibitions and cultural programs that bridge publishers and bookstores as well as programs that introduce books and authors via online media such as videos and podcasts.
Organize “Book-City-Walk,” an urban experience project through which participants can stroll through bookstores and cultural spaces in Seoul, discovering various programs with books as intermediaries while creating a map of their journeys.
Provide new experiences through special web-based programs exploring the genres of detective, mystery, thriller, and horror that allow readers to witness and experience crime scenes in the physical offline world.
Accumulate information regarding overseas markets and Korean and overseas works for copyright export. An interactive online platform will also enable communication amongst experts.
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