IBNA- The 72nd Frankfurt International Book Fair (FBF) kicked off online due to the ‎Outbreak of covid-19 on October 14 as Iran’s Book and Literature ‎House Institute has ‎attended the fair which with various programs.‎
Iran’s Book and Literature ‎House attends online 72nd FBF ‎

In recent years, Iran has always participated at the event. Iran’s Book and Literature House Institute, Al-Ho-da International Publishing; Al-‎Mustafa Society; Agrin, Amu, Behnegar, Cheshmeh, SAMT, Farin,  Soure-ye Mehr publishing houses; are among the entities which are representing our country in ‎the event.
To these one must add Iran's Artists Forum;  Iran’s Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults; ‎ Dayere-ye Mina Literary Agency; Pol Literary Agency; Touti ‎Publishing and Nimaj Publishing.‎
For this year’s Special Edition of Frankfurt International Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse), existing digital formats have been functionally upgraded and new digital offers developed. This opens up many new possibilities for you as a digital exhibitor – and this year, it’s free of charge. Benefit from an enormous reach and take part in numerous events and matchmaking sessions.
These offerings provided by Frankfurter Buchmesse are supported by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the economic stimulus package NEUSTART KULTUR (new start for culture).
Exhibitors at the Special Edition of Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020 which will run by October 18 have more digital options than ever before. The most important platform for digital exhibitors is Exhibitor Directory, which offers many new functions and possibilities. It makes it particularly easy this year for trade and private visitors to find the exhibitors and offers they are interested in.
The all-day book fest digital on Saturday, a comprehensive conference and professional program, the large ARD Book Fair Stage in the Festhalle, the Blue Sofa are other facilities provided by the organizers.
Among the measures taken by Iran’s Book and Literature House Institute at this year FBF are introducing Iranian publishing industry, introducing the best Iranian authors of children and young adults books in English, introducing works in the field of children and young adults books in English, Providing information about Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) and “Books from Iran” website which contains 1900 book titles with English abstracts.
Also, the institute has uploaded video clips describing Tehran International Book Fair and the Grant Plan aimed to promote the translation and publication of Iranian books into other languages.
In this year’s fair, trade visitors will benefit from a wide range of new B2B digital formats. And literature fans can bring their favorite stars right into their homes. Worldwide and free of charge. Customized business partner contacts with the new matchmaking tool, Online rights trading with numerous presentation opportunities
The Frankfurter Buchmesse is arguably the most important international trade fair for content, the center of the international media world and a major cultural event. Over 7500 publishers from more than 7500 countries partake in the fair.
It is a big showcase for the international book industry, ‎which is one of the reasons why it has become increasingly popular in recent years – not ‎only with trade visitors and for the rights business, but also with readers. It has also become ‎an international forum for intellectual exchange. ‎
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