IBNA- From the series of Cambridge Introductions to Literature, the book ‘The ‎Cambridge Introduction to Walter Benjamin’ by American expert David S. Ferris has ‎been published in Persian.‎
‎‘The Cambridge Introduction to Walter Benjamin’ comes out
The book on the eminent German Jewish philosopher, cultural critic and essayist has been translated into Persian by Zanyar Ebrahimi. Elmi va Farhangi (Scientific and Cultural) Publishing in Tehran has released the book in 263 pages.
For students of modern criticism and theory, Walter Benjamin's writings have become essential reading. His analyses of photography, film, language, history, allegory, material culture, the poet Charles Baudelaire, and his vast examination of the social, political and historical significance of the Arcades of nineteenth-century Paris have left an enduring and important critical legacy.
This volume examines in detail a substantial selection of his important critical writings on these topics from 1916 to 1940 and outlines his life in pre-war Germany, his association with the Frankfurt School, and the dissemination of his ideas and methodologies into a variety of academic disciplines since his death.
David Ferris traces the development of Benjamin's key critical concepts and provides students with an accessible overview of the life, work and thought of one of the twentieth-century's most important literary and cultural critics.
Ferris is Professor of Comparative Literature and Humanities at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  His research and teaching emphasizes modern literature and critical theory.
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