IBNA- British historian Robert Irwin’s book ‘Dangerous Knowledge: Orientalism and Its ‎Discontents’ (2006) which is a riposte to Edward Said's ‘Orientalism’ has been translated ‎into Persian and published.‎
‎‘Dangerous Knowledge’ a riposte to Edward Said
The book which was published in UK under the title, ‘For Lust of Knowing: The Orientalists and their Enemies’ also provides a general history of Orientalism as an academic discipline. It has been translated into Persian by Mohammad Dehghani. Mahi Publishing in Tehran has brought out the book to market in 468 pages.
The publication of Edward Said's hugely influential ‘Orientalism’ in 1981 called into question the entire history of the Western study of Islamic culture, condemning this scholarly tradition as one that presented inaccurate and deliberately demeaning representations of Islamic peoples and institutions, so much so that the words "Oriental" and "Orientalist" have come to take on the most negative connotations.
But what is Orientalism, and who were the Orientalists, and how did Western scholars of Islamic culture come to be vilified as insidious agents of European imperialism? In Robert Irwin's groundbreaking new history, he answers this question with a detailed and colorful story of the motley crew of intellectuals and eccentrics who brought an understanding of the Islamic world to the West.
In a narrative that ranges from an analysis of Ancient Greek perceptions of the Persians to a portrait of the first Western European translators of Arabic to the contemporary Muslim world's perceptions of the Western study of Islam, ‘Dangerous Knowledge’ affirms the value of the Orientalists' legacy: not only for the contemporary scholars who have disowned it, but also for anyone committed to fostering the cross-cultural understanding which could bridge the real or imagined gulf between Islamic and Western civilization.
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