IBNA- ‘The Day of Snail’ a novel by Iranian author Zahra Abdi on the impact of war on ‎the lives of three women has been translated into French and published.‎
Iranian novel ‘The Day of Snail’ released in France
The book has been translated into French by Christophe Balay, a professor of Persian language and literature in France. Belleville Publishing in that country has released ‘The Day of Snail’ in 208 pages.
The narrative revolves around the fate of a man called Khosrow who is lost in action during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq (called the Sacred Defense in Iran) whose destiny puts a big impact on the lives of his  mother, his sister, Shirin and his former fiancée, Afsoun. The story takes a new turn when Shirine brings in her brother's love letters preserved as relics…
The book was already translated into Italian by Anna Vanzan, a professor of IULM University in Milan and published by Francesco Brioschi Publishing under the title ‘A Tehran le Lumache Fanno Rumore’(Snails Make Noise in Tehra
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