IBNA- Over 100 books featuring translations of poems composed by legendary Iranian ‎bard Hafez-e Shirazi into European languages are kept at Iran's National Library and ‎Archives in Tehran. ‎
National Library contains over 100 books of Hafez poems translations ‎
Director of Iranology and Islamology Department of the National Library Iraj Enayatizadeh said that among these works the most ancient ones are translations into English and German carried out by European orientalists, public relations department of Iran's National Library and Archives reported.
“Many English and German orientalists are among the pioneers of translating Hafez's poems, and the role of travelogues and other writings of European visitors are undeniable in introducing the Persian language and literature in the West,” he said.
“The travelogues of figures such as Adam Olearius, Engelbert Kempfer and Pietro Della Valle make reference to Iranian literary celebrities, including Hafez and his poems, but Adam Olearius has played a central role in introducing Hafez to German orientalists. The most ancient works of Orientalists about Hafez date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, when the British William Jones, was the first who translated verses from Hafez's Divan,” Enayatizadeh added.
Georg Friedrich Daumer, Vinzenz Rosenzweig von Schwannau in 3 volumes and Heinrich Ferdinand Selman are other German orientalists who have translated parts of Divan of Hafez, all of which are kept in the Iranology section of the National Library of Iran. It should be noted that a translation of a selection of Hafez Shirazi's ghazals (sonnets) by Friedrich Daumer is one of most popular sonnets translated into German.
A standard modern edition in English of Hafez' poems is ‘Faces of Love’ (2012) translated by Dick Davis for Penguin Classics.
The translation of poems by Hafez was carried out during centuries with more variety. In recent years, many translations of his works have become available in Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian and Norwegian.
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