IBNA- ‘How the Laser Happened: Adventures of a Scientist’ a book by Nobel laureate ‎American scientist Charles H. Townes has been translated into Persian and published.‎
American scientist’s book on laser comes out
The book which makes the primacy of experiment over theory, the importance of teamwork, sharing ideas, keeping an open mind, and enjoying your work ‘How the Laser Happened’ has been translated into Persian by Jamil Ariayi. Maziar Publishing in Tehran has released the work in 232 pages and 550 copies.
In ‘How the Laser Happened’, Charles Townes provides a highly personal look at some of the leading events in twentieth-century physics. Townes was inventor of the maser, of which the laser is one example; an originator of spectroscopy using microwaves; and a pioneer in the study of gas clouds in galaxies and around stars.
Throughout his career he has also been deeply engaged with issues outside of academic research. He worked on applied research projects for Bell Labs; served on the board of directors for General Motors; and devoted extensive effort to advising the government on science, policy, and defense.
This memoir traces his multifaceted career from its beginnings on the family farm in South Carolina. Spanning decades of ground-breaking research, the book provides a hands-on description of how working scientists and inventors get their ideas. It also gives a behind-the-scenes look at the scientific community, showing how scientists respond to new ideas and how they approach a variety of issues, from priority and patents to the social and political implications of their work.
In addition, Townes touches on the sociology of science, uncovering some of the traditions and values that are invisible to an outsider. A towering and energetic figure, Townes has explored or pioneered most of the roles available to the modern scientist. As well as a fundamental research, he was actively involved in the practical uses of the laser and in the court cases to defend the patent rights.
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