IBNA- Iran's National Library and Documents Organization has published the book ‎‎'Iran-Iraq War According to Western Analysts' on the occasion of the 40th anniversary ‎of the Sacred Defense.‎
Authored by Ma'hboubeh Shamshirgarha, the book draws on the works released by publishers in the West in English from 1980, the beginning of Iran-Iraq War. It has been published in Cooperation with Foundation for the Preservation of the Mementos and Values of the Sacred Defense.
The Sacred Defense in Iran refers to the war the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein imposed on Iran in 1980. The war lasted eight years and caused numerous damages to both countries and the left many casualties on both sides, including those Iranians who were martyred, injured or were taken as prisoners of war.
'Iran-Iraq War According to Western Analysts' offers views of the experts in the west, mostly Americans, in three sections. The first section provides a general outlook of the historiography of the Iran-Iraq War, which includes the writers' objectives, aspects, approaches, issues, problems and defects, methods and the writers' sources of information.
Covering a large part of the book, the second part is centered on Western researches on major regional (the Middle East) events and developments in five periods. The third part is centered on introducing the most prominent analysts of the Iran-Iraq war in the West.
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