IBNA- 28 Iranian representatives have participated at the 27th Beijing International ‎Book Fair (BIBF) which is held online from September 26 to 3o.‎
Iranian representatives participate at 27th Beijing Int’l Book Fair
Over 700 various activities will be held at the 27th BIBF on site and online in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. It is the first time that the annual event is held both online and offline since its launch in 1986. Almost 1,400 exhibitors from 97 countries and regions had registered for the event online as of Friday with more than 38,000 domestic and foreign books uploaded.
Iran’s Book and Literature House Institute, Al-Ho-da International Publishing, Al-Mustafa Society, Iran’s Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adults, Tamas Literary Agency, Pol Literary Agency, Dayere-ye Mina Literary Agency, Touti Publishing, Nimaj Publishing and Candle and Fog Publishing represent our country in the event.
BIBF 2020 has introduced a first-of-its-kind online copyright purchase platform titled “Rights Link.” Lin Liying, deputy general manager of China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation says: “This platform can meets customers’ demands for a time-unlimited exhibition throughout the year, offering 24/7/365 trade services.”
With Cuba as the guest of honor, this year’s book fair feature a wide variety of activities such as an international publishing forum and exhibition on Cuban culture and art. The book fair also adopts advanced technologies like 5G and VR for various cultural activities such as exhibitions, promotions, seminars and online livestreams.
This year’s event, featuring 200 new exhibitors, observes half of the top 50 international publishers and 31 publishers from the countries and regions along the Belt and Road participate in the event. The book fair is co-hosted by the National Press and Publication Administration, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Beijing municipal government, the China Writers Association and the Publishers Association of China.
Among the measures taken by Iran’s Book and Literature House Institute at this year BIBF are introducing Iranian publishing industry, introducing the best Iranian authors of children and young adults books in English, introducing works in the field of children and young adults books in English, Providing information about Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) and “Books from Iran” website which contains 1900 book titles with English abstracts.
Also, the institute has uploaded video clips describing Tehran International Book Fair and the Grant Plan aimed to promote the translation and publication of Iranian books into other languages.
Iran was the guest of honor of the BIBF 2017 and reciprocally, China was invited to and participated at Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) 2019 as the guest of honor.
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