IBNA- A book by beloved American author of children books Andrew Clements ‘The ‎Friendship War’ has been published in Persian and is available to Iranian children. ‎
‎‘The Friendship War’ by Andrew Clements reaches Iranian children ‎
A deliciously entertaining book, ‘The Friendship War’ has been translated into Persian by Zainab Khamehyar and has been released by Portughal Publishing in 171 pages.  
Grace and Ellie have been best friends since second grade. Ellie's always right in the center of everything-and Grace is usually happy to be Ellie's sidekick. But what happens when everything changes?
This time it's Grace who suddenly has everyone's attention when she accidentally starts a new fad at school. It's a fad that has first her class, then her grade, and then the entire school collecting and trading and even fighting over . . . buttons?! A fad that might also get her in major trouble and could even be the end of Grace and Ellie's friendship.
Because Ellie's not used to being one-upped by anybody. There's only one thing for Grace to do. With the help of Hank-the biggest button collector in the sixth grade-she will have to figure out a way to end the fad once and for all. But once a fad starts, can it be stopped?
Andrew Clements (1949 –2019) wrote many children's books. His debut novel ‘Frindle’ won annual book awards determined by the vote of U.S. schoolchildren in about twenty different U.S. states. In June 2015 it was named the Phoenix Award winner for 2016 as the best book that did not win a major award when it was published in 1996.
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