IBNA- A top Shia scholar and author of religious books, Grand Ayatollah Yousef Saane'i ‎died on Saturday after being hospitalized for two days at a hospital in the holy city of ‎Qom. He was 83. ‎
Grand Ayatollah Yousef Saane
Grand Ayatollah Yousef Saane'i ‎
The Ayatollah who was a Marja’ (source of emulation) for many Shias was hospitalized due to pelvis and wrist fractures but couldn’t survive.

Saane'i was one of the best and closest students of Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Saane'i was a pro-reform Marja’ who issued religious decrees on banning gender discrimination and prohibition of having nuclear weapons.  
He has a book translated into English titled, ‘A Selection of Islamic Laws.
Ayatollah Saane'i books in Persian and Arabics are as follows:
Books in Persian:
1- Towdhih-ul-Masaa’il (Treatise of Islamic Laws)
2- Majma’-ul-Masaa’il (three volumes)
3- Muntakhab-ul-Ahkaam (A Selection of Islamic Rules)
4- Istifta’at on Judicial Issues (two volumes)
5- Istifta’at on medical Issues
6- Hajj Rites
7- Rules Concerning Hajj (for woman)
8- Istifta’at on Hajj and Umra
9- Rules of Umra Mufrada (The Lesser Pilgrimage)
10- Rules Concerning Women’s Issues
11- Rules Concerning Teenagers’ Issues
12- Women`s Testimony in Islam
13- A Selection of Hajj Rites and Practices
14- Biography
Books in Arabic:
1- Misbaah-ul-Muquallidin (Arabic Treatise)
2- Feqh-ul-Thaqualayn (Book of Divorce)
3- Feqh-ul-Thaqualayn (Book of Retaliation)
4- Feqh-ul-Thaqualayn (Book of Inheritance)
5- Annotations to Tahreer-ul-Waseelah
6- Annotations to Urwat-ul-Wuthqua (Four Volumes)
7- Muntakhab-ul-Ahkaam (A Selection of Islamic Laws)
8- Hidaayat-ul-Nasikeen min Al-Hujjaj wa Al-Mu’tamireen min Risaalati Najat-ul-Ibad
9- Manasik-ul-Hajj (Hajj Rites)
10- Daleel-ul-Nasik
11- Masabeeh-ul-Ahkaam
12- Risaalatun Fee Al-Ribaa
13- Muntakhab-ul-Aa`mal walmanasik min Al-Hajj
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