IBNA- 'The Law of Love and The Law of Violence' by Leo Tolstoy, a seminal book on ‎spiritual philosophy and Christianity has been rendered into Persian and published. ‎
The treatise which explores a philosophy that has influenced great thinkers and human rights activists such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and countless others has been translated into Persian by Shahab al-Din Abbasi and  has been released by Morvarid Publishing in 141 pages.
An examination of the conflicts within and among nations, 'The Law of Love and The Law of Violence' proposes a remedy based on true Christian doctrine: recognition of love as the supreme law of life.
Written just before World War I, it articulates Tolstoy's famous dictum that it is morally superior to suffer violence than to do violence—inspired non-violent human rights and political activism which was later followed by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and numerous others.
Famed for such popular novels as ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Anna Karenina’, Tolstoy experienced a religious crisis at the age of fifty. Thenceforth, he devoted himself to promoting the transformation of society, writing stories, essays, and books advocating the pursuit of an inner moral revolution.
In the preface to this work, Tolstoy declares, "The only reason why I am writing this is because, knowing the one means of salvation for Christian humanity, from its physical corruption as well as from the moral corruption in which it is sunk, I, who am on the edge of the grave, cannot be silent." A century later, Tolstoy's powerful plea for nonviolence continues to resonate.
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