IBNA- Iranian novel 'Prison for the Criminals' (2017) by Kayhan Khanjani has been ‎translated into Arabic and released by Kuwaiti publisher Takween.‎
Arabic translation of Iranian novel published in Kuwait
'Prison for the Criminals' has been translated into Arabic by Ahmad Haidari who has the translation of other works of Iranian contemporary literature in his career. Copyright of the novel was purchased by Kuwaiti publisher despite top current sanctions imposed on Iran.
The original publisher of the Persian book is Cheshmeh Publishing which released the work in 227 pages in 2017.
The story begins with an unexpected storm. The book does not portray the life of ordinary people but those criminals with different bizzare characteristics whom have been gathered in Lakan prison in the city of Rasht, north of Iran.
However, despite its gritty layer and strange narrative condition, in the final analysis, the novel is a type of romance which forms when a woman prisoner is sent to the men’s prison.
Story Code : 295570
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