IBNA- Persian translation of ‘Nazarin’ (1895), a novel by noted Spanish author Benito ‎Pérez Galdós which focuses on a secular sanctity has been published. ‎
‎‘Nazarin’ a striking novel on secular sanctity ‎
A meticulous study in the principles of Christianity, the book has been translated into Persian by Kaveh Mir-Abbasi and has been released by Markaz Publishing in 268 pages.
Synopsis of ‘Nazarin’ reads: “Father Nazario Zajar n leads a life of uncompromised humility, loving others and living among the poorest citizens. Life changes for the pious protagonist when his forgiveness extends to sinners that pull Nazar n over to the other side of the law in the eyes of society. Scorned, mocked, and spurned by others, his faith is tested and his bond with the Catholic Church is broken when he rejects political dogma.”
A tightly written story about living in the trenches of society's shortcomings, the book is an insightful challenge of religion under late 19th-century Spanish rule worthy of inclusion in moral discussions still today.
Benito Pérez Galdós was the leading literary figure in 19th-century Spain, and some scholars consider him second only to Miguel de Cervantes in stature as a Spanish novelist. A prolific writer, publishing 31 novels, 46 National Episodes, 23 plays, and the equivalent of 20 volumes of shorter fiction, journalism and other writings.
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