IBNA- Iranian Pol Literary Agency has sold the copyright of the Iranian children book ‎‎'White Crow' by Farideh Jahandideh to Turkish Turkish Zangin Publishing.‎
Copyright of children story
Pol Agency has signed a memorandum of understanding with a number of Turkish publishers to translate and publish Iranian books in Turkey in the method of co-publishing. Written and illustrated by Farideh Jahandideh 'White Crow' is one of these books which will be printed by Zengin Publishing.
"White Crow" is the story of a young crow named Par-Siah (Black Feature) who is shot and wounded by a hunter on his first flight. Par-Siah falls on a wheat field of a farm where a boy called "Nik" works. Nik takes Par-Siah to the veterenarian. When the young crow wakes up a few days later, he realizes that is no longer able to fly and return to his mother ..."
Story Code : 295054
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