IBNA- The young adults series of books ‎‎'The Chronicles of Avantia’ by British author ‎Adam Blade have been translated for young Persian language readers. ‎ ‎ ‎
‎‘The Chronicles of Avantia’ reaches young Persian readers
The four-volume series, a spin-off of bestselling ‘Beast Quest’ set in ancient Avantia feature the books ‘First Hero’, ‘Chasing Evil’, ‘Call To War’ and ‘Fire and Fury’. They have been translated into Persian by Mohammad Ghasa’ and released by Ghadiani Publishing.
Synopses of the stories are as follows:
‘First Hero’
Avantia stands on the edge of an abyss. Dark armies, led by a malevolent warlord, are mustering on its borders. But destiny has chosen an unlikely hero to fight the threat… 15-year-old Tanner is no ordinary boy. Son of a murdered father, and abducted mother, his life is steeped in tragedy.
‘Chasing Evil’
Tanner and his Flame Bird, Firepos, have met a companion, another Chosen Rider, Gwen, to a ferocious wolf-Beast, Gulkien. Together they must race against Derthsin, his Dark Beast, Varlot, Derthsin's underling General Gor, and Gor's army to locate the missing pieces of the Mask of Death.
‘Call To War’
Avantia burns in the fires of war. Derthsin’s evil armies swarm the land, and Tanner and the Chosen Riders are all that stand in their way. Will they encounter more Beasts on their treacherous journey to the Southern Caves? And will the dark forces that seek control of Tanner prevent the Riders from fulfilling their destiny...?

‘Fire and Fury’
The war for Avantia has reached a terrifying climax. Tanner and his companions must face their nemesis, the warlord Derthsin, amongst the deadly flames of his volcanic lair. If they fail, Derthsin will wear the Mask of Death and Avantia will be destroyed. Can the companions brave the end together, or will Derthsin’s evil tear them apart?
Story Code : 294325
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