IBNA- The scientific children book ‘Starry Messenger Galileo Galilei’ (1996) by Czech-‎American author and illustrator Peter Sís has been translated into Persian and is ‎available to Iranian children.‎
‎‘Starry Messenger Galileo Galilei’ available to Iranian children
Elaborating on the life and career of the leading Italian mathematician astronomer and philosopher Galileo Galilei in a concise manner, the book has been translated into Persian by Shahab al-Din Abbasi and released by Nokhostin Publishing in 1500 copies.
In every age there are courageous people who break with tradition to explore new ideas and challenge accepted truths. Galileo Galilei was just such a man- a genius- and the first to turn the telescope to the skies to map the heavens.
In doing so, he offered objective evidence that the earth was not the fixed center of the universe but that it and all the other planets revolved around the sun. Galileo kept careful notes and made beautiful drawings of all that he observed. Through his telescope he brought the starts down to earth for everyone to see.
By changing the way people saw the galaxy, Galileo was also changing the way they saw themselves and their place in the universe. This was very exciting, but to some to some it was deeply disturbing. Galileo has upset the harmonious view of heaven and earth that had been accepted since ancient times. He had turned the world upside down.
In, ‘Starry Messenger Galileo Galilei’, the author Peter Sís employs the artist's lens to give us an extraordinary view of the life of Galileo Galilei. Sís tells his story in language as simple as a fairy tale, in pictures as rich and tightly woven as a tapestry, and in Galileo's own words, written more than 350 years ago and still resonant with truth.
An internationally acclaimed illustrator, filmmaker, painter and author, Sís was born in 1949 in Brno, Czechoslovakia, and grew up in Prague. His other books include: ‘Tibet Through the Red Box’, ‘Madlenka’, ‘Rainbow Rhino’, ‘The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin’, ‘The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain’, and ‘The Conference of the Birds’.
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