IBNA- A meticulous study of the explosion of slums and a global urban disintegration, ‎‎‘Planet of Slums’ by American writer, political activist and urban theorist Mike Davis has ‎been published in Persian. ‎
‎‘Planet of Slums’ discusses a global urban disintegration
The celebrated urban historian’s bestselling book has been translated into Persian by Amir Khorasani and released by Mania Honar Publishing in 476 pages.  
According to the United Nations, more than one billion people now live in the slums of the cities of the South. In this brilliant and ambitious book, Mike Davis explores the future of a radically unequal and explosively unstable urban world.
From the sprawling barricadas of Lima to the garbage hills of Manila, urbanization has been disconnected from industrialization, and even from economic growth. Davis portrays a vast humanity warehoused in shantytowns and exiled from the formal world economy.
He argues that the rise of this informal urban proletariat is a wholly unforeseen development, and asks whether the great slums, as a terrified Victorian middle class once imagined, are volcanoes waiting to erupt.
In a review on the book, ‘Independent’ suggests:  “The Raymond Chandler of urban geography … In ‘Planet of Slums’, Davis’s genre is the global disaster movie, as directed by the chroniclers of Victorian poverty: Engels, Booth and Dickens. The scale of modern squalor revealed in his brilliant survey dwarfs its predecessors … a coruscating tragedy
American architectural and urban critic Michael Sorkin notes on the book: “Davis argues that the exponential growth of slums is no accident but the result of a perfect storm of corrupt leadership, institutional failure, and IMF-imposed programs leading to a massive transfer of wealth from rich to poor.”
And ‘Financial Times’ points out: “The astonishing facts hit like anvil blows … Davis has produced a heartbreaking book that hammers the reader a little further into the ground with the blow of each new and shocking statistic.”
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