IBNA- The book ‘Plato Within Your Grasp’ (2004) by Brian Proffitt which summarizes ‎the work of the great Greek philosopher has been published in Persian.‎
‎ ‘Plato Within Your Grasp’ summarizes the great Greek philosopher’s work
The book with the second title in Persian ‘The First Step in Knowing Plato’ has been translated into Persian by Maryam Eftekhari and released by publishing in 200 pages and 500 copies.  
‘Plato Within Your Grasp’ offers fast, easy access to the life and works of the acknowledged father of Western philosophy. In fewer than 100 pages, you'll get all the essentials in everyday language. A short biographical sketch sets the scene, followed by chapters illuminating Plato's overall philosophy and his most important writings.
For students and lifelong learners seeking an entry point into this astonishingly diverse thinker's ideas, ‘Plato Within Your Grasp’ is the springboard to enriched understanding.
Inside the reader will find all the vital details, including:
* Family and upbringing
* Influence of Socrates
* Athenian culture and society
* Overview of key works, themes, and impact
* Socratic, mature, and late periods
* Individual chapters on Apology and Meno
* Book-by-book explanation of The Republic
Additional Resources
* Tracking down Plato's major works
* Collections, biographies, and critical writings
* Plato on the Internet
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