IBNA- Fourth edition of the Persian translation of ‘Judaism: A Historical Presentation’ ‎by Lithuanian-English scholar Isidore Epstein has been released in Iran. ‎
Fourth edition of ‘Judaism’, Persian translation comes out
The book was translated into Persian by Behzad Saleki who says he selected the work because he believes it’s comprehensive and adopts a descriptive approach to the subject. ‘Judaism: A Historical Presentation’ has been published by Research Institute for Iranian Theosophy and Philosophy in Tehran.
The work has been introduced as: “An excellent introduction to Judaism...from Patriarchs to Torah to the Talmud. Instead of just examining the tenets of Judaism, it takes the approach of the diversity of Jewish thought through both traditional and non-traditional rabbinic philosophies....including the study of Kabbalah, the Jewish Enlightenment, and the Zionist movement. Although this book is very much orthodox in its viewpoint, it certainly examines well the variations of Jewish thought throughout history.
Rabbi Ezekiel Isidore Epstein (1894-1962) was a prolific author, he edited the thirty-six volumes of the Soncino edition of 'The Babylonian Talmud in English' (1935-1952), and has written monographs on medieval Jewish scholars, as well as significant works on Jewish religions and ethics of which 'Judaism' (1939), in the Epworth Press Great Religions of the East Series, is among the earliest.
Epstein's other writings include contributions to the 1950 edition of 'Chambers' Encyclopaedia', of which he was the Advisory Editor for the Jewish sections, and to the 'Encyclopaedia Brittanica' (Printing 1958).
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