IBNA- the play 'Alice in Bed' (1991) by leading American writer, filmmaker and ‎philosopher and political activist Susan Sontag which portrays her experience of illness ‎has been published in Persian.‎
Several of her books including 'On Photography', 'The Volcano Lover' and 'Regarding the Pain of Others' as well as essays such as “Against Interpretation” have been translated into Persian and published in Iran.
The eight-act play, 'Alice in Bed' which is based on a true story has been translated by Maryam Rafi’ei and released by Rouzbahan Publishing in 72 pages and 1000 copies.  
In her first stage play, Sontag (1933-2004) focuses on Alice James, the invalid sister of Henry and William and, since Jean Strouse's acclaimed 1980 biography and the publication of her diary, a feminist icon. It is in the latter role that Sontag casts the bed-ridden Alice, and playing off her name, she suggests, too, another, more famous Alice of fiction--to the extent that the center of the play's action is a tea party.
The tea party becomes a gathering of independent women of imagination: Emily Dickinson, Margaret Fuller, Myrtha from the ballet Giselle and, as the somnolent dormouse, Kundry from Wagner's ‘Parsifal’. Alice's doting brother Henry makes a couple of appearances as well.
Here, the characters function as a mouthpiece for Sontag's ideas about the imagination's dual role as liberator and jailer for a 19th-century woman of intelligence and about “women's anguish and women's consciousness of self.
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