IBNA- A novella by young French writer Oscar Coop-Phane titled ‘The Pig's Trial’ ‎‎(2019), a Kafkaesque tale of injustice by those who claim to practice justice has been ‎translated into Persian and published. ‎
‎‘The Pig
‘The Pig's Trial’ with the original name ‘Le procès du cochon’ has been translated into Persian by Abol-Fazl Allahdadi and released by Farhang-e Nashr-e No in 95 pages.
The synopsis of the novella reads: “In a remote village and time, a monster crunches the cheek and shoulder of a baby left alone for a few moments by his mother, then quietly sets off again for the forest.
It is soon overtaken by a horde of men determined to kill him, but in the world of men, justice, like death, is decided by court. Even if the beast in question is a pig that has neither conscience nor speech to defend itself. Can we be heard without words? The gendarmes arrest the animal and throw it in prison, before its big trial.
In this short and powerful text, Oscar Coop-Phane tells us about a practice as strange as it is unknown today. He takes us back centuries to delve into human feelings, fear, anger, cruelty and the thirst for revenge, but also empathy or sorrow.
Story Code : 292755
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