IBNA- The translated version of Iranian novel 'After the Cloud' by Babak Zamani has ‎been recently published in the UK.‎
The original Persian book which was released in 2018 in Iran has been reprinted 34 times by now. The work has been recently translated into English by Mana Khosroshahi, edited by Lisa Norris and published by the Iranian publisher Candle & Fog and released.
Following the social realist style, 'After the Cloud' is centered on the negative consequences of unscrupulous construction of dams and their impacts on rustic societies as well as ecology.
The book features several stories which are moving forward in parallel and portrays several concepts and subject matters within a rural life.
'After the Cloud' will be available on Amazon on in a week and the world tour of the book has also been scheduled.
Story Code : 292752
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