IBNA- ‘My Brother's Story’ (2013) by noted Turkish musician, writer and filmmaker ‎Zülfü Livaneli has been translated into Persian and published. ‎
Zülfü Livaneli’s ‘My Brother
‘My Brother's Story’ (Kardeşimin Hikayesi in Turkish) has been translated into Persian by Vahid Farkhad and released by Raham Andisheh Publishing in 296 pages.  
This novel by Zülfü Livaneli begins with the murder of a young woman in a quiet fishing village. This murder leads to the meeting of a young, beautiful and curious journalist girl who researches about a killing and a retired civil engineer who cannot have physical contact with the others.
The book combines fiction and reality as emotions enter the darkest and most secluded areas. ‘Kardeşimin Hikayesi’ commences within the story. The doors of a modern ‘Thousand and One Nights’ tale open, however, this time Scheherazade is a man.
‘My Brother's Story’ is a breathtaking novel about love, the complexity and dangers of love, inviting those who believe once again to be the ultimate in love. The reader will discover a new reality on every page of the work and will move on the borders of certainty with doubt.
Story Code : 291647
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