IBNA- ‘Beyond Capitalism & Socialism: A New Statement of an Old Ideal’ by the ‎American scholar Tobias J. Lanz which offers a new reading of an ancient ideal has been ‎published in Persian.‎
‎‘Beyond Capitalism & Socialism’: ancient ideal revisited ‎
Delving into the subjects of politicals cience, public policy and economic Policy, the book has been authored in collaboration with John Sharpe, Kirkpatrick Sale. The work has been translated into Persian by Vahid Sharbati and Mohaddeseh Haidari. Donya-ye Eghtesad Publishing is the Iranian publisher of ‘Beyond Capitalism & Socialism’.
Explaining the socio-economic theory of distributism, this anthology argues that political, economic, and social liberties and freedom are penalized under both socialism and capitalism. With distributism—and other "third way" alternatives to capitalism—the human person, the family, and the community take precedence over bureaucrats and barons. Society exists for man, not the other way around.
Tobias J. Lanz is an adjunct instructor with the department of government and international studies at the University of South Carolina and a contributor to various journals, including ‘Chronicles’ and ‘The New Oxford Review’. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina.
Kirkpatrick Sale is the author of seven books, including ‘The Conquest of Paradise: Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Legacy’, ‘The Green Revolution, Human Scale, and Rebels Against the Future: the Luddites and their War on the Industrial Revolution’. He is also a contributing editor of The Nation and a board member of the PEN American Center.
John Sharpe is the cofounder of IHS Press and the coeditor of ‘Neo-Conned!’ and ‘Neo-Conned! Again’.
‘Beyond Capitalism & Socialism: A New Statement of an Old Ideal’ has been published in 336 pages.
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