IBNA- The scientific health book ‘The Body: A Guide for Occupants’ by Bill Bryson has ‎been published in Persian and is available in Iranian bookstores.‎
‎‘The Body: A Guide for Occupants’ at Iranian bookstores
In the bestselling, prize-winning ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, Bill Bryson achieved the seemingly impossible by making the science of our world both understandable and entertaining to millions of people around the globe.
Now in ‘The Body: A Guide for Occupants’ which has been translated into Persian by Ghasem Kiani Moghaddam he turns his attention inwards to explore the human body, how it functions and its remarkable ability to heal itself.
Full of extraordinary facts and astonishing stories, is a brilliant, often very funny attempt to understand the miracle of our physical and neurological make up.
A wonderful successor to ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, this book will have you marvelling at the form you occupy, and celebrating the genius of your existence, time and time again.
William McGuire "Bill" Bryson, OBE, FRS was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951. He settled in England in 1977, and worked in journalism until he became a full time writer.
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