IBNA- ‘Shamanism, Healer-Ghost Rituals’ (2011) by German ethnologist Klaus E. Müller ‎elaborating on the ancient religious practice, an interaction with a spirit world through ‎altered states of consciousness has been published in Persian.‎
Ancient religious practice elaborated in ‘Shamanism, Healer-Ghost Rituals’‎
The book with the original German title, ‘Schamanismus. Heiler, Geister, Rituale’ describes Shamanism as a phenomenon which was deemed essential in human survival and breeding, has been translated into Persian by Shahrokh Raei and released by Hekmat Publishing in Tehran.
Shamanism is one of the oldest healing rituals of mankind. At its center is the shaman, who acts as an intermediary between humans and the spirit powers in order to restore the disturbed harmony between humans, nature and spirits. To do this, he has to go through an initiation that makes him a double being, half human, half spirit.
‘Shamanism, Healer-Ghost Rituals’ will contribute to the objectification of an occult fashion theme and provides brief and competent information about all important aspects of shamanism. The book refers to Shamans as healers of both physical and psychological ailments, clairvoyants, preservers of oral literature as well as mediators who restore the balance between nature and human being.
Prof. Dr. Klaus E. Müller was born in Dortmund in 1935. After coming into contact with Anthropology through Hermann Baumann, Müller decided to take up his studies at the Institute for Ethnology and African Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich in 1959.
He finished his habilitation thesis in 1970 and eventually took up a professorship at the Institute for Cultural and Social Anthropology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Frankfurt University in 1971. His other books include: 'Soul of Africa Magical Rites and Traditions' and 'History of Ancient Ethnology'.
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